leader in the Design,Constuction and
Manegement of Adventure Parks

3 owned parks and over 200 tree and
artificial acrobatic installations.

Biowork srl founds its birth from many years of experience in the world of height work and a great passion for nature and all its elements, this led to the creation of a company dedicated to the human-nature connection in all its forms using fun as a means of discovery.
The biowork system is currently the best installation system for tree preservation. In fact, our passion for nature constantly drives us to search for more and more cutting-edge installation systems to safeguard the tree system as a whole over time, the true heritage of our customers. Quality and Safety are other elements that characterize us, indispensable to ensure a high standard in the services we provide.

This is why we have set ourselves the goal of making the adventure park industry safer, complying with all current standards and laws and also dedicating our passion to innovations in the outdoor world.
The company’s staff is made up of expert people with certified technical skills: Law Firm, Technical Installers qualified to work on the rope, Technical Managers, Registered Test Engineer and Architect and Forestry Doctors specialized in the field of adventure parks.

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Interventions for the maintenance of green spaces according to the techniques of naturalistic forestry


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