Building an Adventure Park is a great business opportunity and represents an idea of sure success because: they are accessible to everyone; they are the perfect place for a convivial time with family, friends or colleagues; they are a new way of relating to the natural environment; and they represent a different approach to outdoor activities

We will follow you step by step
to realize a winning project

Trust us to create your activity: outdoor and indoor adventure parks, artificial acrobatic structures, public and private theme parks, Tibetan bridges, tree houses, and customized solutions for every outdoor need.

Thanks to a simple design, robust components, and flexible options we will create dynamic aerial courses and long zipper lines for a safe,efficient but most importantly, fun adventure park to manage . All turnkey.

We will build your park using a special construction and safety technique for customers: the LVC CODOU PRO of which we are professional and certified installers. Thanks to this method, the user will be permanently anchored to the safety cable, from ascent to descent, without ever having to remove the anti-fall hook. The adoption of this innovation makes the activity not subject to behavioral factors, totally eliminates the risks in case of distraction or inexperience, and results in significant savings in personnel costs.

We will follow you step by step to realize a winning project

  • Inspection of the chosen area and preliminary feasibility study our team will show you the best choice on the type of plants and terrain, the location of the acrobatic routes, and the technical and administrative practices required by the institutions.
  • Expenditure schedule and installation costs this is the next step and represents more than a cost estimate, it is a real business plan where together we will choose the size of the installation, the security systems to be used for the customers and a depreciation schedule, based on your budget. We will meet your every need to best satisfy your entrepreneurial dream.
  • Executive design the real design of the structure. It represents the engineering of all the work envisioned in the previous design phases in every detail, thus representing the most technically defined phase of the entire design
  • Staff training: employee training represents a considerable cost in a company AND WE GIVE TO YOU! We guarantee future operators high levels of preparation, adequate training skills and specific coaching.
  • Image, marketing and communication program, we will analyze the target market, clientele and competitors, plan commercial strategies and accompany you in the optimal choice of a representative logo and the entire promotional campaign of the business.
  • Tests, certifications, compliance documentation, obtaining licenses and authorization permits and everything required by industry regulations., We assure you of our assistance during the first year of operation in order to help you reach the highest levels of preparation and professionalism.

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